How do I ask a question?

Fill in the contact form on the contact page to ask any questions you have and for pattern support.

I can't open my pattern.

The pattern files are PDF files. You will require Acrobat Reader to open and read them. You can easily download the PDF reader for free ( 

I can't find my downloaded pattern.

Do a search on your device or computer for the name of the pattern. You computer/device's settings will determine where the pattern is saved to upon download. 

What terms are being used in my pattern?

For both knitting and crochet patterns, American standard terms are used. Each pattern also has its own glossary, and extra information about the stitches can often be found in the Note boxes within the pattern.

How do I care for my knit/crochet items?

Each manufacturer of wool will have its own recommendations for care, so if you're making the piece yourself, check your yarn labels for care. If you've purchased a finished piece, unless there are specific care instructions sent with your item, hand wash all wool items in cool water with a mild detergent. Gently squeeze out any excess water and lay flat to dry.