My Story



How I caught the knitting bug

It was an accident, really. I had just dabbled in the past. I'd taught myself to knit as a kid, and my grandma had taught me to crochet, but I had never been a steady knitter or crocheter since. I think I was just looking for a new hobby, something to do while watching a movie to keep my hands busy. So I started again. First, I tried out some patterns. I enjoyed both knitting and crocheting and thought, hey, I'll pick up some extra cash and make a few toques and scarves for people. It turned out I wasn't really fond of making the same things over and over again. That's probably when I decided to invent.

It began with the Ebb and Flow Crocheted Blanket and it's just never stopped since. There's always another new project, a new idea. Hell, I go searching for wool in my dreams.  Creating patterns fills that creative part in me that needs to make something or go crazy. I think I'll always knit or crochet. I probably should always knit or crochet.