Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road


One of my favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz. As this piece grew, a few elements began to emerge that reminded me of the classic movie: the yellow brick road echoed by the textured rib pattern, the classic white and blue of Dorothy's dress, not to mention a few arrows pointing out the way to go. This striking shawl/wrap works up 15" wide and is 80" along the longest edge. As you knit, one edge is decreased, while the other edge remains straight, resulting in a unique trapezoidal shape. It makes a perfect piece to embark with on any journey, Oz-bound or otherwise.

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Size: 15" x 80" along longest edge.

Materials: Sweet Fiber's Super Sweet Sock Yarn in Spanish Coin, Paper Birch, and Abyss (ea. skein is 415 yds).

Needle Size: You will need a 3.75 mm 32" circular needle (or size necessary to obtain gauge).